The Space BetweenWe were pleased to receive so many heart felt comments and testimonials after completing our retreat last year at the Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center. The retreat was titled The Space Between – Reflect, Reconnect, Reignite.  Here are a few:



* They created a safe haven for me to make a long journey from losing myself.  This retreat is the first step to a new beginning. Thank You !

*  Laurie and Joe connected with everyone as a group as well as individually.

*  Great content and very knowledgeable on the topics presented.

*  A great panel of coaches and presentations together for a complete agenda.

*  Laurie and Joe are warm, approachable and easy to relate to.  By sharing their personal experiences they draw you into their coaching strategies and curriculum, which can be applied to your life, relationship and business immediately.

*  Joe and Laurie worked well off of one another’s comments and they gave a detailed and concise presentation.

*  I like how you delivered the message and allowed for time to resonate and to put it into practice.

*  Fabulous !

* They both had an energetic profile.  The event was organized and the connection with the speakers was great.

*  They set the tone for the purpose of the retreat, established expectations and gave verbal permission for participants to take what they needed from the experience and explained their approach to addressing our issues.  They served as excellent examples of life as a process for growth.


Simple Rules

Here are a few comments that we received from the Simple Rules for Leadership Conference that we did last spring:



*  What a great break in my chaotic life.  Thank you for the opportunity to refresh and renew!

*  Wonderful job, thank you for inspiring me!

*  I truly enjoyed this retreat.  I didn’t know how much I was going to learn and be able to take with me.

*  I really learned so much more than I expected about myself- had an Ahh Ha moment, and genuine connections with others – Thank you so much for this “Space”

*  This was a very insightful experience and such a great opportunity to meet people.

*  Awesome experience that provided by some amazingly insightful coaches!