OK, so you’ve gotten yourself into this relationship and everything is just perfect.

The Perfect Relationship

Or you’ve been with someone for a while and you can’t believe it’s been going this good for so long.

Would you like to keep it that way? An effective to do that is to think of your relationship as a business.

In any business, communication is essential. Failure to communicate with your boss, with those who work for you, with your peers, and especially with your customers, is probably the one single thing that will sink your business quicker than anything else.

Can you imagine a business that would thrive without effective communication? Ludicrous isn’t it.

How can it be any other way with your relationship?

The secret here is that the more you communicate, the more you can tell your significant other the way you really feel about things, the more your relationship will thrive.

Any divorced couple will tell you that communication was the first thing to go. When you start withholding your feelings, the end is near unless you can reestablish that intimacy.

If you fear revealing yourself, ask yourself why. Be honest with yourself and that will tell you whether the relationship should continue or not. If the answer is yes, then be brave, pull up your big boy (or girl) pants, and just say the way you feel. If the answer is no, or if you do reveal your feelings and you don’t get the same back or you get a negative reaction, then move on to someone who will. Life is too short to live in a toxic relationship. If a close intimate relationship is what you want, there is someone out there who can fulfill your needs.

How long would a business continue without the steadfast commitment of its owner to make it work? Any entrepreneur will tell you, not long. To make a business succeed takes a lot of work, dedication, attention to detail and just plain sweat. How can it be any different with a relationship?

Real commitment is required to make any relationship work. They don’t just take care of themselves. “And they lived happily ever after” is for fairy tales, not for life.  Real relationships are composed of ups and downs, good times and bad times, sickness and health. If that sounds like a wedding vow, it should. That vow is the formalization of that commitment. Some would say that a commitment should be honored no matter what and at all costs. Sometimes it is a greater sign of love and commitment to part if parting would protect the well-being of two people.

Tradition is a fact of life. Some say the thread of our existence and without tradition, “life would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.” To know that certain things are expected and can be counted on, makes for a certain sanity of life. It makes life less chaotic. It is tradition that if you walk into a store, you will be greeted and treated courteously. Christmas and Thanksgiving are traditional. There are also many family traditions. For instance, the husband may take out the trash or the wife cook dinner. These should be followed as long as they serve a purpose and are beneficial.

In business, to hear “but it’s the way it’s always been done” can be poison. To be closed to improvement just because it’s traditional is never a good idea. Relationships, just as in business, should be open to change if it benefits or improves the relationship.  Maintaining the status quo just because “it’s the way it’s always been” is to miss an opportunity to improve on an already good situation. Who would want to stand in the way of that?

There are many ways of maintaining and improving a relationship, some easy, some hard. They all require dedication and diligence, just like running a successful business. If you paid as much attention to your relationship as you would your business, what would change? That’s a question to ponder as you move ahead with the one that you love.

The Perfect Relationship