We recently went on an adventure, a river cruise down the Rhine River from Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam Netherlands. It took us through some of the most scenic and historic areas of Germany, France and the Netherlands. The age of what we saw was measured not in decades but in hundreds...Read More »

Sanctuary: Another Point of View

        Sanctuary—what does it mean to you? A sanctuary is any place of safety and can have many interpretations. It is any place where you can feel safe to think, say, or do whatever you want to without fear of reprisal. Where is your sanctuary?  Do you have such a place? If you...Read More »

“Scrape ‘em off Claire!”

“Scrape ‘em off Claire!”   Some of you may recognize this as a line from the movie Scrooged₁. The more I live in this great wide wonderful world, the more I believe there really are only two kinds of people in it. There are those that fully understand this Frank Cross statement...Read More »

The One Who Loved the Most

“Never be afraid to be the one who loved the most”     Does that sentence make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable? Can you tell me why it does? The answer probably sounds something like “I’m afraid of being taken advantage of” or “I’m afraid of coming on too strong” or...Read More »

A Rose is a Rose...

...Read More »

In The Moment

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