You are in a long-term, committed relationship. Whether you are straight, gay, or otherwise… Whether you are married or not… You know you’ve found “the one.” But lately, things are getting a little stale. You’d like to reclaim that spark, the passion, and the power that was there earlier in the relationship. You worry that your partner doesn’t feel the same way, and you struggle to bring it up in a way that doesn’t sound like you are blaming the other person. Frankly, you know it starts with both of you. And you’d like it to be… Different. Better. Like it used to be!

It is not an impossible dream. You can get the power and spark back in your relationship. The key is to get started when you first realize it, rather than waiting until the relationship goes down a path that leads to separation, divorce, or even worse, living in the same house with the stranger you no longer know.

Reclaiming the intimacy in your relationship is possible. And frankly, it can be a lot of fun to work on breaking old patterns of communication that aren’t serving either one of you anymore.


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