Oh my, you have suddenly realized that you are in that “protected class” … People over 40 in the workplace! How did that happen? One day you were the youngest person in the room, or the young boss, and when you looked around recently, you were the oldest person in the room, and all the people who report to you seem to be the age of your kids. Yikes! Mentally, you don’t feel your age, but there it is.

Something else often happens around this time. You figure out that the job or career that suited you before, doesn’t give you the same feeling that it used to. The joy and drive to accomplish things is gone. Because you’ve already achieved the goals you set for yourself earlier on. As time goes on, you feel like you are losing power, subtly.  It’s nothing overt… Just a nagging notion that something has changed.

Or maybe you’re in that situation where job changes are overt. You’ve been overlooked for a promotion or key project that would have been a slam-dunk before. You feel like you’re getting pushed to the door. Better to address it now while you still have some control over your destiny.

How does your resume look? Do you know the latest in interviewing techniques? What is this thing called LinkedIn? It’s a changing world and you need the resources to keep up and exceed the others in your field. Better call now!

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