“Scrape ‘em off Claire!”

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Some of you may recognize this as a line from the movie Scrooged₁. The more I live in this great wide wonderful world, the more I believe there really are only two kinds of people in it. There are those that fully understand this Frank Cross statement and those that are viscerally appalled by it.

There is the half that understand that there is a certain order to things regarding the haves and the have not’s and any attempt to alter this will result in the downfall of American society. And there are those that can’t stand to see the inequality and are just as convinced that it will, in the end, result in the down fall of that same American society.

It seems that the divide is so hard wired into each way of thinking/feeling that they might as well represent two separate species. There might be occasional lapses of understanding on both sides, but when it comes down to it, everyone will fall on one side or the other. In the end they will either say “Scrape ‘em off Claire” or they will feed the starving waif; they will either say “I’m not paying for their misfortune” or “We are all in this together.”

So will this great divide end the “American way” as we know it? Perhaps, but more than likely we will continue our arguing and grumbling about what idiots “they” are and somehow manage to survive. The reason for my optimism is that for the greater good, for the continuation of our very existence, we need both.

There are times when “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” and there are times when common decency dictates that some should give so that others may thrive. We need both kinds of thinking, both kinds of people, to make those decisions.

Scrooged is a movie from 1988, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Frank Cross, played by Bill Murray, is a hard-wired, driven, logical thinker with no regard for people. His girlfriend, Claire Phillips, played by Karen Allen is a social worker who runs a homeless shelter. “Scrape ‘em off Claire” is what Frank says to Claire when her focus goes from him to the volunteers who depend on her for everything.


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“Scrape ‘em off Claire!”