How would you describe a eating a grilled cheese sandwich?

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Comfort food?  Guilty pleasure?  One of the four basic food groups right behind bacon?

With a hot bowl of soup it could be as comforting as it gets. As a twelve year old I remember having this for a Saturday lunch on a cold gray fall afternoon in Philadelphia after planting crocus (that’s a flowering bulb for those who don’t know) in the back yard.

This basic requirement of Americana, this penultimate fixture in American cuisine, this combination of bread, butter and cheese is on every diner menu across the nation is instantly recognizable by every one that lives here.

It suddenly occurred to me that the relationships we have are a lot like a grilled cheese sandwich (GCS). We seek these (both relationships and GCS’s) when we need comforting or when we need to be filled up (with love or calories). When we seek gratification, fulfillment or enjoyment, a well maintained relationship or a well crafted GCS will satisfy almost every time.

At the Grilled Cheese Invitational held in Los Angeles there are four categories of competition:

  1. Love American style – White bread, butter and orange cheese. Nothing else. A relationship like this is pretty basic, perhaps a valued friendship or a next door neighbor that you have over for dinner once in a while. Someone you value, but just a friendship.
  2. The Missionary Position – Any type of bread, butter and cheese. No additional ingredients.  This relationship is a bit deeper. Perhaps a good friend that you see often and you rely upon for support or opinions. Closer than just a friend or acquaintance. Someone you value and would regret losing.
  3. The Kama Sutra – This savory sandwich has any type of bread, butter and cheese plus additional ingredients but still 60% cheese. At this point we are talking serious relationship. If you are not committed yet, you soon will be. You share everything and nothing is (or should be) off limits to discuss. You find great satisfaction in this relationship.
  4. The Honey Pot – This sandwich is the same as the Kama Sutra, but is sweet. It is still 60% cheese but anything goes and it has a sweet taste. Perhaps you currently are in or have had this relationship in the past or have read about it. The term “soul mates” comes to mind. You finish each other’s sentences and your connection is beyond the physical. You are lucky if you have one of these in your lifetime.

Have I made you hungry?


The Grilled Cheese Sandwich