Why Work with Us

Working with us and the Living The Dream Signature System gets you more than just coaching, more than just consulting, and more than just training…you get it ALL. So what’s the difference?


Coaches believe that you have all the answers to your life path within you, and they ask great questions to help you get in touch with the answers. Coaches don’t provide you with answers or opinions. They can’t, according to the competencies and ethics of coaching, as noted by the International Coach Federation. http://www.coachfederation.org/icfcredentials/


Consultants are generally hired for their expertise in a given field. They ask great questions in order to understand your issue or points of pain, and based on their expertise, they do provide you with opinions and solutions.


Trainers usually have subject matter expertise, an understanding of theory and practice, and the ability to transfer knowledge or build skills in others.


Facilitators may or may not have subject matter expertise. They understand how to move groups and individuals forward. They know how to create safe space for learning and growth.


Which role do you need to help you Reclaim Your Power and Spark? Lucky you – you don’t have to choose! You get it all with Joe and Laurie of Living The Dream Coaches!